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Domestic Abuse is against the law. You have a right to be safe. Let us help you. You do not have to be Muslim to contact us, because this crime affects people of all faiths.
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NISA Newsletter April 2014

NISA has been in operation for sixteen years, by the grace of Allah (SWT). NISA would not be where it is today without the blessings of Allah and the support and duaas of the community. The future of NISA, therefore, depends on the continued support of the community.

NISA aims to address the concepts of "maroof " and "munkar" in Islam. NISA’s goal is to preserve human dignity by aiding those who live in an un-safe environment filled with pain, fear and hopelessness. NISA incorporates a spiritual dimension, which is necessary to de-liver effective services and sustain ongoing efforts. Community support and duaas are needed not only for NISA and its clients, but also for the many volunteers and advocates working behind the scenes. NISA volunteers work diligently and consistently without any material gain, assisting people whom they do not even know.

Further, NISA seeks in-creased awareness about domestic violence in our community at large. We ask that you spread the word about our services in an attempt to reach more individuals in need. Help is free and available and should be sought before family problems become irreparable.

Meet Saha Jamshed

After seeing some of NISA's success stories, we sat down with Saha Jamshed, the program manager since 2006 to talk about her involvement with NISA. Our Q&A with this inspiring woman, below.

1. How did you get involved with NISA?

To me, domestic violence is a human rights issue that will end only when every sector of society is not only aware and educated but also actively involved in joining the battle to end it. Furthermore, I believe the family is the core of our community and society as a whole. Working to bring peace and harmony within families will in turn bring about a healthy and peaceful community and society at large.

2. What has been your most inspiring moment?

I would say the most inspiring moment is watching a client who is dependent, alone, and lacking self-confidence transform into one that is living independently with much support and confidence. I suppose just seeing that increased level of hope in a client; that is huge for me. Of course, such transformation doesn't happen overnight; being involved in the process of the client seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that was once so dark is very significant.

3. What makes this cause unique and important?

NISA is unique in its focus on addressing domestic violence from an Islamic point of view. At a time when Islam is thought of as an enemy, I feel privileged to be involved in the fight against domestic violence while eradicating some misconceptions.

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