North American Islamic Shelter for the Abused

Ask for Help

Send us a message at anytime by emailing us at Please email if you have questions related to Domestic Violence. We promise to reply promptly. Or call our helpline!


From administrative work, to helping build our next shelter, the hours you donate will go a long way for those in need.


Every penny you give goes to helping those most vulnerable in society, particularly women and children who are abused.

Blog Posts

2023 CAIR Annual Banquet

NISA was honored to take part in CAIR’s 29th Anniversary celebration, expressing our deep appreciation for the impactful work undertaken by CAIR. The opportunity to present our mission was sincerely

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NISA Goes to Adobe

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Adobe for hosting NISA, providing us with a valuable platform to discuss our mission, shelters, and various programs. Seventy Adobe employees dedicated their time

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NISA Goes to SalesForce

Our sincere thanks to Salesforce for hosting NISA. The opportunity to present and share our mission, shelters, and various programs was truly appreciated. Salesforce has proven to be an invaluable

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Refugee Support Event

ICNA Relief Bay Area proudly hosted a remarkable event on June 24th, where we collaborated with six incredible organizations to extend our support to refugees. We were overwhelmed with joy

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